Combining a Print Campaign with Your Mobile App

Mobile apps are a cost-effective way to connect with your clients on a regular basis. Creating an app enables you to rotate sales flyers, manage membership groups, and send discounts to your regular users. A great example of this is the Tom Thumb grocery app. Users who download it not only see the weekly sales papers, they get coupons specific to items they regularly purchase, as well as purchase points that can be used for gas and grocery discounts.[

Before beginning any new strategy, your key question should be How do I connect to my customers? Remember that all users are going to take the path of least resistance. As a business owner, it’s up to you to create that path.

Here’s how to mix the two strategies. Run a neighborhood door drop as part of your promotional campaign. Incorporate a discount or special pricing in your print piece, and encourage people to download the app to get an additional discount, join your membership program, or see more offers. Once users are in the app, they’ll get rotating offers to keep them coming back. When using world class technology like mobile apps, don’t discount the importance of print. Marrying print and mobile helps you develop more effective business strategies, maximize your time and advertising dollars, and reach your ideal customers quickly and effectively.

If you have a client who is doing this with their app, we can change this sentence to promote an app you’ve developed.

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