Cross Cultural Business Tips

More than 40% of Dallas families speak a language other than English at home. While the majority of those households speak Spanish, it’s also common to hear Vietmamese, French, Hindu, German, Korean, and Arabic.

As more first and second generation immigrant families move to the area, it is vital for businesses to understand how cultural traditions and ESL affect buying experiences. Here are three cross-cultural practices your business can adopt to better serve customers.

Make Small Talk

Many cultures engage in small talk before making big purchases. If you’re working on sales, don’t be hasty when gathering contact info. Instead, make it a natural part of the conversation, and take time to engage with customers before going for the sale. Understand that they may need to discuss the purchase as a family and come back later to finalize the sale.

Be Prepared to Deal in Cash

Often, families who are not native to the U.S. prefer to deal in cash. Be prepared for larger cash transactions and ensure you have enough on hand to make change. In addition, make sure that prices are clearly marked and that customers can see their total upon checkout. This visual can help if there are language barriers.

Learn a Few Key Phrases

It’s common for businesses to add Spanish language signs. However, if you notice that many customers speak a language other than English or Spanish, consider adding signage or learning a few phrases in that language. This shows that you respect and have taken time to learn about a culture, which can translate to customer loyalty.

These simple strategies can turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Don’t let cultural confusion stall your sales – embrace the multicultural melting pot of Dallas and grow your business by reaching consumers from all backgrounds!

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