Do This to Get Better Business Reviews

When I started working in advertising in the 1980’s, business reviews were limited to write-ups in the paper, the occasional billboard or Yellow Pages testimonial, and of course, word of mouth. Today, however, reviews are everywhere. Technology has made it possible to post reviews of every place you visit and every service you use.

Yet many owners are underutilizing – or completely ignoring – this valuable tool. Reviews can do more than boost your business; the more 4 and 5 star reviews you get on Google or Yelp, the higher your ranking on their pages.

So how do you get better business reviews?

It’s simple…. You ask for it. Find ways to seamlessly integrate the ask into every communication.

  • Ask your frequent customers to post reviews online.
  • If you’re a restaurant, post signs at tables, or in your menu, asking for reviews. Include a QR code so customers can scan and post while they’re dining.
  • Include a link to post a review on your business’s app or website.
  • Put QR codes on all print pieces and include hyperlinks in all electronic communications.
  • Feature some of your favorite reviews on social media and ask your followers to add their reviews to Yelp or Google.

By consistently asking for reviews, you’ll get quality feedback, better interactions with customers, and higher rankings online. And ultimately, that can lead to a higher profit margin and a growing business.

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