Focus on Policies, Not Politics

The 2020 presidential race has kicked off with two publicized debates featuring 20 Democratic candidates. We still have 16 months of platforms, debates, campaigning, and candidate promises to work through.

In today’s world of a 24/7 news cycle, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily stories gossiping about what a candidate wore, what they said when they thought no one was listening, or what they did decades ago before they stepped into the spotlight. This is true at all levels of politics. But all that chatter is a distraction from the real question: what policies has the candidate supported, and what policies are they most likely to support and enact if elected?

Whether it’s a presidential election, a state senate spot up for grabs, or a runoff for a local elected position, policy is important. Candidates can say anything they want, but the policies they write, back, and vote for show us what they really believe. 

This electoral cycle, we need to cut through the political chatter and focus on policies. Our upcoming elections at all levels are more important than ever. As citizens, it’s our responsibility to examine a candidate’s actions – not just their promises – and make an informed decision that is based on policy, not politics.

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