How To Manage Bad Reviews

In today’s age of 24/7 news coverage, a bad experience can travel faster than ever – taking your online reputation down quickly and causing your business to plummet. Fortunately, digital apps do more than simply help you connect to customers and promote your services. Here are three steps to managing negative reviews through your digital app.

Control the Review

When a negative review is submitted, your app’s dashboard will flag it and alert you – but it will not post the review online. This gives you the chance to immediately do damage control.

Fix the problem

Reach out to the customer and ask for a chance to correct the situation. Go beyond a refund or verbal apology – send a discount or coupon to the customer through the app, and ask them to come back in for a better experience.

Share the Good News

By fixing the problem and giving the customer a chance to experience better service, you’ve provided an opportunity for an even better review. Once the customer has taken advantage of the discount or promotion you offered, follow up with another review request and post the positive experience.

Managing negative reviews isn’t about falsifying your online reputation or turning a deaf ear to a customer’s bad experience. It’s a strategy to help you identify and correct issues in your business protocol – and by doing so, you give customers the satisfaction of knowing their feedback made a difference.

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