Marketing to Hispanic Women

Hispanic women have an important role as household managers, and earning their trust can bring in big sales for your business. Here are three ways your business can better serve your female Hispanic customers.

Keep it Family-Friendly

Hispanic women will often shop in pairs or small groups with children in tow. One way to help is to provide something for the children. This could be a free snack or piece of fruit, or  a kid-friendly play area with coloring sheets, games, and a couple toys to occupy the kids while mama takes care of business.

Bilingual Signage Helps

While most children are bilingual, adults may not be. Offering signs in multiple languages shows that you care about your customer base. If you are switching over gradually, start with general business signs, sale signs, and bathroom / dressing room signs.

Put Offers in Print

In Hispanic families, the male head of household conducts most business transactions (and he will likely pay with cash). However, the female does most of the research and makes the final buying decision. Help by offering print brochures whenever possible. This enables families to discuss and decide on purchases before they come in to the store.

Don’t miss out on a big sale by ignoring your Hispanic customer base. By using a few simple strategies, you can show you care and gain the loyalty and buying power of the Hispanic community.

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