Save Time & Money with These Three Services

Small business owners wear many hats. As we seek to keep our overhead low and profits as high as possible, it can be challenging to know which services, subscriptions, and applications are worth the investment.

When I started my first business, everything was done on paper. My businesses have transformed over the years as technology has evolved. There are services I spent thousands of dollars on in years past that are now available at a fraction of the price. Here are three services and subscriptions I recommend for small business owners.

Geek Squad

I used to pay a technician hundreds of dollars an hour to work on my computer. At least twice a year, I’d need a full computer service, debugging, and more. This “service” was costing me both time and money, and I was still frustrated with my computer’s speed.

Now I use Geek Squad. My annual Total Tech Support subscription is a fraction of what I used to pay, and I get excellent service from a team of experts. They’ll even come to my home and assist with set up, installation, or repairs. I


Google Business Solutions offers free or low-cost ways for your business to put its best face forward. A Google My Business account enables you to interact with customers through your online reviews, and G-suite accounts can give you professional email, cloud storage, spreadsheets, and documents at a low monthly price.


You don’t have to hire a designer every time you need a newsletter or social media graphic. Canva is online software that enables you to create professional designs from templates and high quality photos and graphics.  There are plenty of free features, and paid features begin at just $1 for photos or $9.95 per month for an all-inclusive Pro account.

Running a business doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Whether you’re a brick and mortar store or a professional service from a home office, these three services will help you scale and grow your business without breaking the bank.

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